8thStirling (St Ninians) Company, The Boys’ Brigade

Enrolment Night – Session 2018/2019 at St Ninians Old Parish Church Hall

Friday 24th August 2018 7pm- 8pm

Meeting times at St Ninians Old Parish Church Hall :-

Anchor Boys P1-3                               Wednesday 6.15pm – 7.30pm

Juniors P4-6                                        Friday 7pm – 8pm

Company Section P7 – S6                 Friday 8pm – 10pm


Please note that our first meeting nights are Wednesday 5th September and Friday 7th September.

We would be grateful if as many boys as possible could be enrolled on our Enrolment Night ( 24th August ) as it causes delays in starting our programme if paperwork needs to be completed on Meeting Nights.

We look forward to another successful session.

Andrew MacDonald, Captain
07848 040955

Enrolment contacts:-
Robbie Forsyth 07446 905616
Jack Unsworth 07789 962457