King and the Kingdom, The

Description :
WILLIAM BARCLAY, Professor of Divinity and Biblical Criticism at Glasgow University, is a distinguished scholar of international repute, a gifted preacher, broadcaster and journalist. From his pen has come a wide range of best-selling religious books. His Daily Study Bible has already sold over a million copies and the breadth of sympathy he displays in such writing as The Plain Man's Book of Prayers has earned him the respect of thousands of ordinary people. A time of plenty when all have enough.... A time when animals and men live in friendship.... • A time when there is peace over all the earth.... These are the dreams, not of contemporary youth, but of Jewish writers before the time of Christ. In The King and The Kingdom Professor Barclay traces ideas of the Kingdom of God from the days of Israel's first king to the flowering of those ideas in Christ the King. In his customary energetic manner this popular author shows how relevant today are the concepts emerging from the study of Biblical events.

Author: William Barclay

Publisher: St Andrews Press

Year: 1969

ISBN 10: 0715200062

ISBN 13: 9780715200063

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