From The Manse

Dear Friends,

We are approaching that time of the year when we endeavour to go down a gear and rest a little. Whether or not that will happen time will tell but I do hope we all manage some time to catch up with our families and friends and to enjoy the warmer days.

It was good during Holy Week to worship with our friends in other congregations and to enjoy fellowship with them over the ever welcome cup of tea and coffee. I was particularly encouraged by the large number who attended the Maundy Thursday service in St Ninians Old. My thanks to the elders who served Communion and to Heather and Janette for a fine selection of home baking and tea and coffee in the hall afterwards!

As I write this letter to you the General Assembly is underway. It was good to be at ‘Heart and Soul’ in Princes Street Gardens on Assembly Sunday where countless numbers gathered to celebrate the life and work of the Church. Whatever decisions the General Assembly may or may not make there is no doubting the fact that the Church is at its best when people come together in a spirit of friendship and fellowship. This is the best witness to the wider community and I am sure it must delight the heart of God when His people, diverse and different though we may be, come together as ONE.

Fellowship is important and within our Church family there are many opportunities to come together. The most important time is on a Sunday morning when we gather to worship God and to be strengthened and encouraged in our faith. If you have not been to Church for some time why not come along? I, for one, would be delighted to see you and to welcome you as a much loved member of Christ’s body.

Inevitably, with a dwindling number of Ministers more demands are being heaped upon us at Presbytery and National level. While I will always seek to serve the whole Church and be faithful to my ordination vows my first loyalty is to the congregation and parish and I ask for your prayers as I endeavour to be a good and faithful Minister.

I send you my warmest good wishes,

Every blessing,

Gary J McIntyre