From The Manse

Dear Friends,

As we journey on from Easter with the wonderful words ‘He is risen’still ringing in our ears, I would like to share with you an idea that I have!

My idea is based on a Stewardship Programme called ‘Giving for Growth’. It is promoted by the Church of Scotland and can be adapted to suit the local situation.

In essence ‘Giving for Growth’ is about raising awareness of what the Church does and the hope is that through this programme more people will become actively interested and involved in the Church in order that its work can not only continue but flourish.

In our context, I envisage an event or a number of events in the Parish Halls and Church to which people would be invited. We would have, among other things, posters and display boards giving people a flavour of where the money that is given to the Church goes, and background information on the charities and other good causes that we support throughout the year. There would be the ever-welcome cup of tea or coffee and an opportunity to engage in conversation.

These are challenging times for the Church in Scotland and for our own Church. There is no room to be complacent or to put off to another day the task of seeking to recruit people to become co-workers with us in sharing the Gospel through the worship, fellowship, mission and service of the Church.

At Easter I spoke about the transforming work that God can do – He can change situations in the most amazing ways but here is the rub – He needs us to work with Him in order for that to happen!

I believe ‘Giving for Growth’ provides us with a programme that could be a catalyst for so many good things in the life of our congregation. However, I need people to join me to plan and prepare for such an event or series of events. If you think you can help or want to find out more, please speak to me. I will be delighted to hear from you!

‘Giving for Growth’ is an opportunity for our congregation to Celebrate Christian Giving in a meaningful and enjoyable way. Let us grasp the opportunity now and make it happen!

Every blessing,

Your Friend and Minister,

Gary J McIntyre