Pastoral Care Group


Three members of our group and another member of our congregation  attended a talk on dementia which was held in Dunblane Cathedral on 1st November.

 The  talk was given by Sally Magnusson the writer and broadcaster.   Sally founded “Playlist for Life”  in 2013 after witnessing the effect of music on her late mother’s dementia.   “My mother was always singing.   We realised that her connection to songs was as strong as ever.   After singing,  she was more alert.   It was taking her back to a place of familiarity and belonging.   Music  more than anything else was keeping my mother with us”.  Sally has written a book “Where memories go” which was available  at the end of the evening.    Over £1000 was raised through donations and sales of her book.

Stirling Presbytery of the Church of Scotland have appointed Bonnie McDowell  as dementia co-ordinator to  work with our congregations in the area of dementia awareness.

Bonnie has been able to engage with many of our communities on behalf of the Church of Scotland, helping people to understand the challenges faced by those living with dementia and how, as congregations and individual church members, we can best offer appropriate support and pastoral care."

Some copies of the leaflet “Playlist for Life” as still available in the Church vestibule.

Grace McIntosh.       Pastoral Care Convener.