This Week's Intimations


Sunday 25th June 2017

Visitors are invited to sign the Visitors book in the vestibule.

There is a loop system for people with hearing aids.

Please feel free to remain seated during the singing of the hymns.

Welcome to our Family service. A special welcome is extended to visitors and to members and friends of the baptismal family.

Please join us for a further time of fellowship in the Parish Halls following the service.

Tickets for the annual congregational barbecue in the Manse garden on Saturday 8th July from 3-6pm are available today in the McMichael Chapel. Tickets cost £10. Please bring a chair and your own refreshments!

There will be a service in Eccles Court today at 1:15pm.

St Ninians Primary School - The end of session service will be held in the Church on Friday at 10am.

Services in July will begin at the normal time of 10:30am and there will be a short celebration of Holy Communion following the service on Sunday 9th July.

The next joint Friendship Lunch will be in St Columba’s Church Hall on Monday 10th July from 12-1:30pm.

Start Up Stirling – Donations of food and money can be left at the Church on a Sunday morning. At present there is a shortage of tinned fruit and ready meals. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Something to think about;

Kindness has converted more sinners than zeal, eloquence or learning’.

Frederick William Faber (1814-1863)