Pastoral Care Group

The Pastoral Care Group of St Ninians Old Parish Church, which consists of 5 elders and 4 others, will be very pleased to visit anyone in our congregation who would appreciate a visit over and above those received from the minister and the district elders.

If you or if you know of anyone who would enjoy a visit or telephone contact for chats please let me or the minister know. At present we are visiting 18 people.

On Friday 22 March 2019 four members of our group attended a seminar which was held in Allan Park South Church. The seminar was organised by the Presbytery of Stirling and the Church of Scotland Society Council. The topic was “Learning Together” – Dementia Friendly Developments in our Communities. We learned that there are many “Dementia Hubs” being set up all around our country where families can obtain help and advice.

There is a website called Playlist for Life which is a charity founded by writer and broadcaster Sally Magnusson:  Music is wonderful for people with dementia and everyone should have a play list set up. More help and information can be found on the website and we also have some booklets in the vestibule of the Church.


Grace McIntosh

Pastoral Care Group Convener