This Week's Intimations


Sunday 21st July 2019


Visitors are invited to sign the Visitors book in the vestibule.

There is a loop system for people with hearing aids.

Please feel free to remain seated during the singing of the hymns.

It is a pleasure to welcome the Rev Jim Landels who will conduct the service this morning.

Mr. McIntyre is having the weekend off and will return to duty tomorrow.

There will be a further time of Fellowship in the Parish Halls following the service today. Please do join us for a cup of tea or coffee and a biscuit.

Material for inclusion in the autumn edition of The Parishioner can now be submitted. Articles including information about forthcoming events, book reviews and photographs can be emailed to or placed in the box in the vestibule of the Church.

Please note that the service on Sunday 4thAugust will begin at 10am and will be followed by the annual open air service at Kirk O’ Muir at 12 noon.

A date for your diary – An Autumn Show will be held in the Parish Halls on Saturday 14th September at 2pm.The show will be open to the wider community. Leaflets are now available in the vestibule with information about the various categories.

There is a box for Used Stamps in the vestibule of the Church.

If you would like to read the Bible Lessons on a Sunday please put your name and contact details on the sheet of paper in the vestibule.

Start Up Stirling – Donations of food and money can be left at the Church on a Sunday morning.



Keswick in Cambusbarron!

For 140 years, Christian people have flocked to the Lake District for the Keswick Convention. The event provides Bible teaching for all ages, vibrant worship, a sense of unity across generations and denominations, and an inspirational call to serve Christ in the world.

This year, you can get a taste of Keswick in Cambusbarron!

From 22nd to 26th July, we will livestream the morning Bible readings at 11.15am and the evening celebrations at 7.30pm from 21st July in Cambusbarron Church Hall – with tea, coffee and biscuits available.

Each morning, Vaughan Roberts will speak from the Song of Songs. The evening celebrations will focus on 1 Peter and the speakers will include Duncan Forbes, Martin Salter, Pete Nicholas and Jonathan Lamb. The praise will be led by EMU Music.